WNG Tools

Wessell, Nickel & Gross make a terrific catalog of tools. Three, in particular, have become essential assets to the Grandwork approach to grand piano regulating. The Keyframe Bedding Tool simplifies fine-tuning balance rail support AND allows a short form of bedding that either validates the rest of the keyframe's fit or clarifies where a problem lies that should be addressed. The Key Dip Tool places a substantial weight in a specific spot on a natural that makes keydip accurate and reproducible AND makes kissing samples of strike extremely accurate and reproducible. And the Key Level Stick serves well its key leveling function, with a straight or crowned reference, AND pre-sets bedding elements in a Regulation Station Deluxe. Three important tools for the piano regulator's kit. Now, the New Portable Piano Pounder adds a manufacturer's stability to final regulations, formally unavailable to the trade except in a piano factory!! AND this pounder can be used on the bench with the action's hammers striking Regulating Rack templates OR in the piano striking strings.