With good references, good logic, and organized simplicity, Grandwork™ tools and services help piano technicians.

Christopher Brown RPT MPT has worked as a piano technician in the Boston area since 1977. A graduate of North Bennet Street School, he has worn many hats in his career: college technician, concert tuner, rebuilder, private customer piano-care provider. Gradually action work became a specialty and in 2005, he set up a new shop specifically for action service, repair, and rebuilding.

All shop technicians make jigs to facilitate their work. Chris had this notion that a surface parallel to the plane of the action (i.e., to the keybed) might be set up out of the piano and extended over the back of a grand action to methodically travel and square hammers to vertical. The Squaring Platform, Shank Traveler, and Hammer Square were born. (And later, U.S. Patent No. 8,227,674 was granted.)

The Grandwork™ line of tools and services now offer a long list of grand regulating pain relief measures. These fall along the lines of better work visibility, easier access, reduction of rework, predictable results, and optimization of TPR - Tone, Power, and Repetition!

Periodic regulations can benefit customer, dealer, manufacturer, and technician. With less experience needed to successfully regulate, the Grandwork™ solutions help those entering the trade and those hiring them. And they enhance work for the skillful technician most of all...

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