Other Grandwork™ Tools

Other Grandwork™ tools that solve grand regulating problems:

  • The Underlevel levels grand unisons from underneath along the strike line.
  • The Hammer Hanging Jig works from a Squaring Platform, integrating vertical travel, efficient hanging of hammers, and a precisely vertical result.
  • The Hammer Filing Jig offers a fast and clean alternative to hand filing hammers. This method features square crown profile, shape control, and speed.
  • The Custom Keybed (Regulation Station Deluxe) adapts to action width, depth, and bedding and coordinates with the other Regulation Station component tools.
  • Tool Trays add space to keep needed tools near but with work surfaces clear.
  • An Action Tray has space for both hammers and whippens, with their screws neatly stored in order and ready for re-installation.